Food markets in Curaçao

Food markets in Curaçao

Discover local cuisine and culture

When you think of Curaçao, what comes to mind? Perhaps the beautiful beaches, the vibrant nightlife, or even the clear blue sea. But one thing is certain: there is much more to this island than meets the eye. It has a rich culture and history that you can experience in part through its unique, culinary experience. Curaçao food markets are an excellent way to discover all these things.

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    Authentic cuisine

    Curaçao has some of the most delicious and traditional cuisine in the Caribbean. At the aforementioned food markets Curaçao, you can feast on delicious culinary delights. One such classically popular dish is “stobá.” This is a stew made with chicken (galina stobá), meat (karni stobá) or fish (peska stobá). For example, try the goat variety “kabritu stobá.” Slow-cooked goat meat marinated overnight in herbs and spices and then served over rice, rice with beans (moro) or mashed potatoes. The authentic dishes are also delicious with “funchi,” a side dish made of cornmeal.

    All these dishes have been around for centuries and are still prepared according to traditional recipes in Curaçao’s food markets. Be sure to drink a delicious awa di lamunchi. A popular drink made from water, lime juice and a dash of sugar. This sweet drink is perfect for cooling off after a hot day in the sun and is served with ice cubes and sometimes a splash of rum….

    In addition to traditional cuisine, Curaçao’s food markets offer many other authentic dishes that reflect the cultural mix on the island. Almost all meals are prepared with local produce.

    Local favorites

    The local dishes at Curaçao food markets are truly delectable delicacies, in many cases found nowhere else but in the Caribbean! Besides “karni stobá,” a main dish when visiting a Curaçao food market is “galina ku batata,” or chicken with fries. These are often the chunky, Belgian fries as we know them. For something extra special try “Kokada di Pisca.” This is fresh fish cooked in coconut milk sauce topped with tomatoes, onions, peppers and garlic – absolutely delicious!

    As a snack, you will find mostly pasties (pastechis) and meat-filled cheese balls (keshi yena) at Curaçao’s food markets and local stores. If you have a sweet tooth, try “pan bati Krioyo,” a thick cassava flour pancake that tastes great with honey or syrup. You will also often find small carts on the side of the road selling fruit shakes (batidos). A fresh addition to authentic dishes! Want to take an even more tropical trip? Then find a roadside coconut vendor or drive to Daniel Fountain on the Road to West Point, for example.

    Terra Boutique Hotel

    Located At Sea, In The Middle of Pietermaai.

    Terra Boutique Hotel has a unique location in the heart of the island of Curaçao, Willemstad. While you can relax and have a dip in the Caribbean waters, it’s also possible to enjoy the Caribbean culture and bustling neighbourhood of Pietermaai. Shops, bars and the finest restaurants are within walking distance from our Hotel. Besides this, Pietermaai has a lot more to offer like museums, live-music, markets, local crafts and the best Caribbean street food.

    After all the hustle and the bustle of Willemstad, you can enjoy the beautiful and relaxing sunset at our private beach with your favourite drink.

    Terra Boutique Hotel
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    Arthur LoefstokArthur Loefstok
    21:46 20 May 22
    Thank you Eduard and Jeanette for the best experience ever in Curaçao. For experience like this changed my/our way of vacationing on islands. In our case our morning alarm was the ocean, the breeze and the nice smelling environment. A total experience. We stayed in the “bientu” room which translates to breeze room, the perfect name for the room. Breakfast was delivered on time and trust us when we say that it is a all inclusive breakfast. Beautiful decorated monument close the activities, restaurants, museums, bars, shopping you name it. Oh, and they have their private beach and pool too!
    A SA S
    21:30 01 Jan 22
    We had a wonderful time at Terra Boutique Hotel. Jeanette goes the extra mile and beyond to fulfill every wish her guests have. One of us eats gluten free and vegan the other one vegetarian and she did everything she could to offer good breakfast options. Breakfast comes from Bistro Pietermaai and they struggled with our dietary needs. There is a big refrigerator with free drinks: not only water, but also soft drinks and beer for free. You will always find a plate with fresh fruits and little glasses with mixed nuts. Our room was beautiful (we had the Kandela suite). The little beach is very charming, and you can enjoy your breakfast either from there or the little balcony with great ocean views. The hotel is perfectly located in Pietermaai with many restaurants around and in close walking distance to other touristy parts of Willemstad. The hotel team will help you find restaurants, taxi, tours and much more and they are always accessible via WhatsApp.
    Daniel KosseggDaniel Kossegg
    15:09 12 Dec 21
    Great place to spend your time on curaçao! We booked the suite kandela for 9 nights. You can enjoy your breakfast on the beach or on the balcony, you get a privat parking space for your car (I recommend renting one to explore the island), you can take cold drinks /fresh coffee /fruits whenever you want out of the kitchen, and the staff is really nice and helps you with everything you need(thank you again Jeanette!) the hotel has a great location near the center of. Willemstad – i highly recommend this hotel!

    Creole dishes

    For those who prefer spicier flavors, Creole cuisine offers an array of magisterial dishes at Curaçao food markets that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Creole dishes are called “Krioyo” in Curaçao and are often made from local produce. From fried sea bass (fresh catch) with Antillean Krioyo sauce to cod stew (bakijou stobá) and pork tenderloin (lomitu) on huge skewers. There is something for everyone in the Creole lunch! Moreover, the true Curaçaoan throws tasty sharp “pika” on practically all such Creole dishes. This is a combination of hot peppers and sour onion that makes dishes like “karni stobá” very spicy. A little too spicy? Then just have another awa di lamunchi! Also be sure to try the Caribbean scones/sweet rolls (pan di loko ku fruta) and Johnny Cake before leaving a Curaçao food market.

    Plasa Bieu (the Old Market)

    Discover all about Curaçao’s real food markets at Plasa Bieu. This is truly a local hot spot. You can go there for a delicious lunch with a special taste. Many locals think so too, as it is one of many people’s favorite spots. People sit en masse at the long tables during lunch. Plasa Bieu, located on the Waaigat, is also called Marshe Bieu or the Old Market. The building’s history as a covered market makes this not so surprising. That indoor market was previously located in a smaller structure and has now moved. At Plasa Bieu today, you can have lunch only.

    International cuisines

    In addition to traditional local cuisine, many international cuisines can be found at Curaçao’s food markets. From Italian pastas and pizzas to Mexican burritos and tacos. Whatever type of kitchen you are looking for, chances are you will find it in Curacao. There are also many vegetarian options available, such as falafel wraps, which make a great light lunch snack. Offer international cuisines, especially for tourists, that they are comfortable with. Jump out of the car, try something new and head straight for the unknown: the authentic, Creole cuisine of Curaçao.

    Curaçao hospitality

    Eating out on Curaçao is not only about tasting new flavors; it is also about experiencing genuine Curaçao hospitality and conviviality from friendly locals who take pride in their authentic dishes in a good atmosphere. One fun aspect of visiting Curaçao’s food markets is that they are all very welcoming and friendly places, full of life! The locals will greet you warmly and make sure you enjoy your meal, whatever it may be.

    The atmosphere at food markets in Curaçao is relaxed but lively. Customers can chat and enjoy freshly prepared meals. This to the accompaniment of music from nearby speakers. So it is no surprise why so many tourists come here every year; they are served not only local authentic dishes, but also a real sense of community through that Curaçao hospitality. Something that makes them feel right at home!

    Cozy corners

    After exploring all that Curaçao’s food markets have to offer, why not explore the cozy corners? This is a good place to sit back and take it all in. Many stalls have benches or chairs where customers can eat outside while enjoying the beautiful views of the island in a relaxed atmosphere. That way you can let the food sink in and think about the next vacation.

    We would love to welcome you at Terra Boutique Hotel

    Be sure to stop by!

    The great thing about visiting Curaçao food markets is that you never know what wonders await you around each cozy corner. Whether it’s tasting new flavors or having conversations with locals; be surprised! After all, Curaçao is known for its spontaneous actions. So the next time you plan your trip, make sure you don’t miss anything Curaçao’s food markets hide in their crowded market stalls – delicious!

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