Diving schools and diving courses in Curacao

Diving schools and diving courses in Curacao

It is no secret that Curaçao has some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. The island is home to some of the Caribbean’s most diverse reefs, making it an ideal destination for divers. Both the south and west coasts are perfect for divers of all experience levels to explore the beautiful underwater world.

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    Getting a diving license

    Want to be able to scuba dive with others (but not under instructor supervision) anywhere in the world? Then Curaçao has diving lessons you can sign up for. It is obviously more pleasant here than the gloomy North Sea to get your diving license and explore the beautiful underwater world. Open water certification is the first level of certification achieved. There are a total of ten sessions in this course: five confined water dives, four open water dives and five classroom tests. There is no difference between the PADI and SSI dive training programs in this regard. Once you are a certified diver? From then on, you can make safe dives to a depth of 18 meters!

    PADI diving courses

    If you want to get your diving certification in Curaçao, the most well-known place to do it is through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). This is why people often talk about having “your PADI” when it comes to obtaining scuba diving licenses. Obtaining a diving license involves both study and actual diving.


    As an alternative to getting your diving license, you can visit diving schools that offer SSI (Scuba Schools International). Both PADI and SSI allow you to start the theoretical part of your diving course from home using their digital (eLearning) platforms. This allows you to review the material before you arrive at the tropical diving destination. After you have chosen a diving school in Curaçao where you want to get your certification, the theory exam and practical training can begin in parallel. This is related to the various chapters you go through and then put into practice.

    By after your diving certification

    After the open water course, the next step is the Advanced open water course. This consists of five dives of which deep diving and navigation are mandatory. The other three are by choice. Every Adventure dive during Advanced open water training is also the first dive of the corresponding specialty. Some of the most popular choices include wreck diving, nitrox enriched air, Peak Performance buoyancy, photography and fish recognition.

    This is followed by Rescue training. During this course, you will learn how to act in underwater and surface emergencies. Provided you have completed five specialties and completed the Rescue diver course, you qualify for PADI’s master scuba diver certification.

    Terra Boutique Hotel

    Located At Sea, In The Middle of Pietermaai.

    Terra Boutique Hotel has a unique location in the heart of the island of Curaçao, Willemstad. While you can relax and have a dip in the Caribbean waters, it’s also possible to enjoy the Caribbean culture and bustling neighbourhood of Pietermaai. Shops, bars and the finest restaurants are within walking distance from our Hotel. Besides this, Pietermaai has a lot more to offer like museums, live-music, markets, local crafts and the best Caribbean street food.

    After all the hustle and the bustle of Willemstad, you can enjoy the beautiful and relaxing sunset at our private beach with your favourite drink.

    Terra Boutique Hotel
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    Arthur LoefstokArthur Loefstok
    21:46 20 May 22
    Thank you Eduard and Jeanette for the best experience ever in Curaçao. For experience like this changed my/our way of vacationing on islands. In our case our morning alarm was the ocean, the breeze and the nice smelling environment. A total experience. We stayed in the “bientu” room which translates to breeze room, the perfect name for the room. Breakfast was delivered on time and trust us when we say that it is a all inclusive breakfast. Beautiful decorated monument close the activities, restaurants, museums, bars, shopping you name it. Oh, and they have their private beach and pool too!
    A SA S
    21:30 01 Jan 22
    We had a wonderful time at Terra Boutique Hotel. Jeanette goes the extra mile and beyond to fulfill every wish her guests have. One of us eats gluten free and vegan the other one vegetarian and she did everything she could to offer good breakfast options. Breakfast comes from Bistro Pietermaai and they struggled with our dietary needs. There is a big refrigerator with free drinks: not only water, but also soft drinks and beer for free. You will always find a plate with fresh fruits and little glasses with mixed nuts. Our room was beautiful (we had the Kandela suite). The little beach is very charming, and you can enjoy your breakfast either from there or the little balcony with great ocean views. The hotel is perfectly located in Pietermaai with many restaurants around and in close walking distance to other touristy parts of Willemstad. The hotel team will help you find restaurants, taxi, tours and much more and they are always accessible via WhatsApp.
    Daniel KosseggDaniel Kossegg
    15:09 12 Dec 21
    Great place to spend your time on curaçao! We booked the suite kandela for 9 nights. You can enjoy your breakfast on the beach or on the balcony, you get a privat parking space for your car (I recommend renting one to explore the island), you can take cold drinks /fresh coffee /fruits whenever you want out of the kitchen, and the staff is really nice and helps you with everything you need(thank you again Jeanette!) the hotel has a great location near the center of. Willemstad – i highly recommend this hotel!

    Which diving school Curaçao?

    Options abound… The number of diving schools offering training on the island is large. Therefore, it is also a very popular sport among tourists. See below for a list of Curaçao’s top-rated dive centers that will get you into tropical waters.

    Ocean Encounters Curaçao

    Ocean Encounters, with locations at Lions Dive Beach Resort and Sunscape Curaçao Beach Resort, is a leading PADI and SSI dive center on the island. Ocean Encounters and their Diving Team are committed to providing you with the best possible diving experience on Curaçao. They do this by using the facilities available at the multiple dive resorts.

    Ocean Encounters Curaçao

    GO WEST Diving Curacao

    GO WEST Diving is a very good PADI diving school in Curaçao and offers a wide range of services. They are situated on the west side of the island. Whether you are interested in snorkeling trips, diving lessons or shore diving, GO WEST Diving is the place to be.

    GO WEST Duiken op Curaçao

    The Dive Bus Curaçao

    The Dive Bus, founded by divers, for divers, is a dive organization with a focus on quality, comfort, serious fun and good shore diving. You also have access to a cool dive bus for all excursions.

    De Duikbus Curaçao

    Scubacao Diving Adventures

    Scubacao Diving Adventures is a PADI 5-star diving school on the island that will take you safely to the island’s breathtaking reefs with professional diving instructors and showcase its abundant marine life. They also regularly organize fun get-togethers for divers on the island.

    Scubacao Duikavonturen

    Diving school ScubaDo Curacao

    Dive center ScubaDo is conveniently located on Jan Thiel Beach, making it much easier to get wet in the clear waters offshore. They are one of the longest-running dive stores on the island and offer PADI lessons, beach diving, boat dives and a number of different boat trips through their sister company, BlueFinn Charters.

    Duikschool ScubaDo Curaçao

    We would love to welcome you at Terra Boutique Hotel

    Scuba Lodge Dive Center

    Scuba Lodge Dive Center is a PADI 5-star IDC resort in the Pietermaai region of Curaçao. To be a PADI Five Star dive center, a dive store must meet all PADI requirements and also provide PADI instructor training. They make every effort to ensure that every diving excursion is a positive one. Small groups provide an intimate and safe diving experience.

    Scuba Lodge Duikcentrum

    Prices diving on Curacao

    Certification fees for diving usually do not differ drastically from one diving school to another. Open water diving courses from PADI and SSI typically cost $450 to $500. Of course, where you go, how you get there and which company you dive with are the three most important factors that determine the quality of your diving vacation. For example, are you planning to visit Klein Curaçao? Would you rather go for a boat dive or a shore dive? Some groups even allow you to bring your own diving equipment. Be sure to look around for the best deal for your diving vacation.

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