Curacao diving – Dive sites and Dive excursions

Curacao diving – Dive sites and Dive excursions

Where will you dive in Curaçao this vacation?

For divers, Curaçao is a true paradise. There is an awful lot to see in the underwater world and are many opportunities to dive from the shore or a boat. Let’s see what are the most beautiful diving spots the island has to offer and which ones fall under the unforgettable diving excursions.

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    Dive sites

    There are a total of more than 75 dive sites on the island. One more beautiful than the other! We’ve done a little screening of the best dive sites on Curaçao. You can explore these under supervision or with a dive buddy. You can rent diving equipment at several places.

    East Point

    According to the Curaçao Diving Guide, this is a must dive because it is located at the easternmost point of Curaçao’s National Marine Park. Accessible by boat, this location has one of the Caribbean’s cleanest and least damaged reef systems. In addition to the beautiful corals and sponges, the area is covered with lush gorgonians. The underwater bridge is a natural arch formed by coral reefs and inhabited by a large school of tarpons, among others. This pristine diving destination off the coast of Curaçao is home to a diverse array of marine life, including sharks, eagle rays, huge barracudas and turtles.


    Little Curaçao

    Klein Curaçao is exactly what you would expect when you imagine an isolated Caribbean island with clear, azure waters. This unique diving destination lies about 12 kilometers off the east coast of its bigger sister. You can get here only by boat. Usually turtles, Damselfish, Hogfish, Mojarra and Parrotfish can be seen while diving in the underwater ecosystems of Klein Curaçao. This dive site is as natural as you can find in the Caribbean.

    Klein Curaçao


    A few meters off shore, within a sheltered inlet of Caracas Bay, lie the remains of a famous tugboat, lying only 5 meters deep. Divers and snorkelers alike can enjoy this location. Lobsters, octopuses, scorpion fish and even the occasional seahorse can all be found in this easily accessible area. The Tugboat is inhabited by tube sponges, coral and an array of reef fish. Local Yellow Tail Snappers and Magnificent Blue Parrotfish, among others, make for wonderful images.


    Superior Producer

    The Superior Producer is located about 150 meters west of the Curaçao megapier, in about 30 meters of clear water with the bow facing west. Because of the likelihood of prevailing currents, this wreck dive is best undertaken by experienced divers from a boat coming in from the stern. After 40 years, the MV Superior Producer has developed into a spectacular artificial reef site with many different colonies of corals, sponges, gorgonians and sea whips. This attracts predatory fish such as barracudas, tarpon, jacks and snappers.

    Superieure Producent

    Alice in Wonderland

    The depth of this site is very reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” chapter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Some of the structures within this site reach heights of more than 18 meters. This provides adequate cover for local angler fish and octopus, among others. There are also often turtles, eagle rays and huge schools of Boga chased by yellowfin tuna. If you “slow dive” this location, you will be amazed at what you see.

    Alice in Wonderland

    Terra Boutique Hotel

    Located At Sea, In The Middle of Pietermaai.

    Terra Boutique Hotel has a unique location in the heart of the island of Curaçao, Willemstad. While you can relax and have a dip in the Caribbean waters, it’s also possible to enjoy the Caribbean culture and bustling neighbourhood of Pietermaai. Shops, bars and the finest restaurants are within walking distance from our Hotel. Besides this, Pietermaai has a lot more to offer like museums, live-music, markets, local crafts and the best Caribbean street food.

    After all the hustle and the bustle of Willemstad, you can enjoy the beautiful and relaxing sunset at our private beach with your favourite drink.

    Terra Boutique Hotel
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    Arthur LoefstokArthur Loefstok
    21:46 20 May 22
    Thank you Eduard and Jeanette for the best experience ever in Curaçao. For experience like this changed my/our way of vacationing on islands. In our case our morning alarm was the ocean, the breeze and the nice smelling environment. A total experience. We stayed in the “bientu” room which translates to breeze room, the perfect name for the room. Breakfast was delivered on time and trust us when we say that it is a all inclusive breakfast. Beautiful decorated monument close the activities, restaurants, museums, bars, shopping you name it. Oh, and they have their private beach and pool too!
    A SA S
    21:30 01 Jan 22
    We had a wonderful time at Terra Boutique Hotel. Jeanette goes the extra mile and beyond to fulfill every wish her guests have. One of us eats gluten free and vegan the other one vegetarian and she did everything she could to offer good breakfast options. Breakfast comes from Bistro Pietermaai and they struggled with our dietary needs. There is a big refrigerator with free drinks: not only water, but also soft drinks and beer for free. You will always find a plate with fresh fruits and little glasses with mixed nuts. Our room was beautiful (we had the Kandela suite). The little beach is very charming, and you can enjoy your breakfast either from there or the little balcony with great ocean views. The hotel is perfectly located in Pietermaai with many restaurants around and in close walking distance to other touristy parts of Willemstad. The hotel team will help you find restaurants, taxi, tours and much more and they are always accessible via WhatsApp.
    Daniel KosseggDaniel Kossegg
    15:09 12 Dec 21
    Great place to spend your time on curaçao! We booked the suite kandela for 9 nights. You can enjoy your breakfast on the beach or on the balcony, you get a privat parking space for your car (I recommend renting one to explore the island), you can take cold drinks /fresh coffee /fruits whenever you want out of the kitchen, and the staff is really nice and helps you with everything you need(thank you again Jeanette!) the hotel has a great location near the center of. Willemstad – i highly recommend this hotel!


    The strong current at this top destination for boat diving inspired the name Watamula, which comes from the Dutch word “water mill.” As a diver, you can expect a field of hard coral, a patch of soft coral and then more hard coral before leaving Watamula. When you surface for air, you wish you had more tanks with you. This is so you can view all the incredible macro life, schools of chubbs and porcupine fish and ocean trigger fish.


    Mushroom Forest

    This is perhaps Curaçao’s most famous dive site. Because of their mushroom-like appearance, hard coral formations have earned that name. There is an abundance of marine life hidden under these beautiful coral reefs, waiting to be observed, appreciated and photographed. It will certainly meet your expectations.

    The Blue Room

    Both diving and snorkeling are great here. You can also use the site as a place to decompress between dives. Swimming into the Blue Room’s small hole reveals a large air-filled chamber. It is illuminated by the sun reflecting off the white sandy plateau in front of the opening, creating a beautiful glow of bright blue light. The “Blue Room” is located next to Mushroom Forest. You will usually find schools of glass-eyed sweepers , lobster and silverfish in this “room.

    De Blauwe Kamer

    Snake Bay

    This dive site gets its name from the abundance of moray eels and eels, rather than the sea snakes you might otherwise expect there. The marine life here is quite diverse and even larger pelagic species such as turtles and dolphins have been observed.

    We would love to welcome you at Terra Boutique Hotel

    Diving excursions

    So you can choose to be accompanied while diving. We definitely recommend this. Not only because of safety, but certainly also because the local divers can point out to you the most beautiful places underwater. Excursions to the above and below places can be booked at practically every diving school. Again, there are many more possibilities. We briefly list our top 3 diving excursions.

    Night dive

    Experience Curaçao’s underwater world on a whole new level. Together with diving instructors acting as guides, you can do a night dive at the most special dive sites found on the island. You can basically choose any dive site you want to see, however, some dives sites are extra interesting after dark. Dive at night to witness the incredible variety of marine life, from many species of fish and crustaceans to lobsters and rays.

    Guided dive Westpunt

    Do you have a diving license and want to take a guided dive off the west coast of Curaçao? Then this is the right excursion for you. Several diving schools offer dives at different dive sites. For a day tour of West Point, they usually go to Playa Kalki and Playa Piskado/Grandi. At these dive sites, you are guaranteed to find turtles, colorful fish, mushroom coral formations, a fun Neptune statue and much more.

    Dive trip to Klein Curaçao

    There are several diving schools and boats that offer a trip to Klein Curaçao. On the islet, most diving schools do both beginner and advanced dives with guides. Upon arrival, take a small boat to the north or south tip of the islet for the dive, depending on experience and sea conditions. Explore Klein Curaçao’s beautiful house reef and breathtaking drop-off reef while swimming with sea turtles!

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