Country houses on Curacao

Country houses on Curacao

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    The history of country houses in Curacao

    Curaçao has a rich history of mansions and other grand country houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. These mansions were built by wealthy merchants and plantation owners, who took advantage of the island’s very good economic conditions to accumulate wealth and power. In the history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, this was also considered the Golden Age. The mansions were often built in the colonial style and were beautifully decorated with artwork, antiques and other luxury items.

    The country houses played an important role in Curaçao’s history. This is because they often served as centers of politics, economy and culture on the island. Many of these mansions are still on display today and offer a great glimpse into Curaçao’s rich history.

    How many mansions are there in Curaçao?

    Partly because of the Dutch Influences, a lot of country houses have been built in Curaçao. These mansions are often located at former plantations and some mansions are now also considered cultural heritage. The number of mansions used to be around 160, spread throughout the island. Unfortunately, many of these hundred or so mansions have been lost. Currently, about 60 of these remain intact. Of those 60 mansions, several have been given contemporary functions. For example, many mansions have been given service as museums. One is country house Knip.

    One of the island’s most important mansions from which the Tula Museum originated. This museum is named after Tula, the instigator of the great slave revolt. This famous slave revolt began in 1795 and made a great impact on the history of Curaçao’s plantations. Of the 60 intact mansions, the Ascencion mansion is considered the most beautiful mansion.

    Most famous country houses in Curacao

    Among the many country houses on Curaçao, there are also some very special ones among them, these Curaçao country houses are just a bit more special than most country houses on the island. We have created a total overview and would like to tell you a little more about these famous country houses.

    Terra Boutique Hotel

    Located At Sea, In The Middle of Pietermaai.

    Terra Boutique Hotel has a unique location in the heart of the island of Curaçao, Willemstad. While you can relax and have a dip in the Caribbean waters, it’s also possible to enjoy the Caribbean culture and bustling neighbourhood of Pietermaai. Shops, bars and the finest restaurants are within walking distance from our Hotel. Besides this, Pietermaai has a lot more to offer like museums, live-music, markets, local crafts and the best Caribbean street food.

    After all the hustle and the bustle of Willemstad, you can enjoy the beautiful and relaxing sunset at our private beach with your favourite drink.

    Terra Boutique Hotel
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    Arthur LoefstokArthur Loefstok
    21:46 20 May 22
    Thank you Eduard and Jeanette for the best experience ever in Curaçao. For experience like this changed my/our way of vacationing on islands. In our case our morning alarm was the ocean, the breeze and the nice smelling environment. A total experience. We stayed in the “bientu” room which translates to breeze room, the perfect name for the room. Breakfast was delivered on time and trust us when we say that it is a all inclusive breakfast. Beautiful decorated monument close the activities, restaurants, museums, bars, shopping you name it. Oh, and they have their private beach and pool too!
    A SA S
    21:30 01 Jan 22
    We had a wonderful time at Terra Boutique Hotel. Jeanette goes the extra mile and beyond to fulfill every wish her guests have. One of us eats gluten free and vegan the other one vegetarian and she did everything she could to offer good breakfast options. Breakfast comes from Bistro Pietermaai and they struggled with our dietary needs. There is a big refrigerator with free drinks: not only water, but also soft drinks and beer for free. You will always find a plate with fresh fruits and little glasses with mixed nuts. Our room was beautiful (we had the Kandela suite). The little beach is very charming, and you can enjoy your breakfast either from there or the little balcony with great ocean views. The hotel is perfectly located in Pietermaai with many restaurants around and in close walking distance to other touristy parts of Willemstad. The hotel team will help you find restaurants, taxi, tours and much more and they are always accessible via WhatsApp.
    Daniel KosseggDaniel Kossegg
    15:09 12 Dec 21
    Great place to spend your time on curaçao! We booked the suite kandela for 9 nights. You can enjoy your breakfast on the beach or on the balcony, you get a privat parking space for your car (I recommend renting one to explore the island), you can take cold drinks /fresh coffee /fruits whenever you want out of the kitchen, and the staff is really nice and helps you with everything you need(thank you again Jeanette!) the hotel has a great location near the center of. Willemstad – i highly recommend this hotel!

    Country House Ascencion

    Landhuis Ascension is a historic country house in Curaçao that dates back to the 17th century, which makes it the oldest country house on the island. Located in the town of Otrobanda, the mansion is one of the oldest and most impressive mansions on the island.

    Today, Landhuis Ascension is a museum and a major tourist attraction in Curaçao. The museum offers tours and exhibits that showcase the rich history of the mansion and the culture of Curaçao. Visitors can tour the mansion and see the beautiful rooms decorated with antique furniture and artwork.

    Chobolobo country house

    Country house Chobolobo is a large country house finished in a bright yellow color. Partly because of this color, the mansion is easy to recognize. In the last century, the mansion was bought to produce liqueur. To this day, the world-famous drink called Blue Curaçao is produced from this mansion. Tours of the mansion are available, so should you be near this mansion sometime, it’s definitely worth a look.

    Country House Letter Hole

    Landhuis Brievengat is the largest country house in Curaçao. It comes from the 18th century and is located in the town of Letter Hole. Landhuis Brievengat used to stand on a plantation with as much as 500 acres of land. Aloe Vera was mainly grown on this land. This plantation was destroyed by a hurricane in 1877 and was not used after that. Initially, the owner wanted to demolish the house, but it eventually went to the island’s heritage foundation. This foundation has been able to successfully restore the building which has ensured that this beautiful mansion is seen by many tourists. Country House Letter Hole is also a popular venue for events and weddings because of its beautiful surroundings and historic colonial architecture.

    We would love to welcome you at Terra Boutique Hotel

    Country House Doctor’s Garden

    Landhuis Dokterstuin is a historic plantation house and gardens on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. In the 19th century, it was decided to turn the mansion into an accommodation for doctors. Then, in 1996, the mansion was completely restored. Currently, the mansion functions as a very popular hospitality venue. The restaurant Komedor Krioyo is located in the garden of the manor house, the restaurant serves delicious local dishes and is definitely worth eating there!

    Bloemhof country house

    Landhuis Bloemhof is a Curaçao country house located on one of the island’s smaller plantations. Currently, the mansion is used as a meeting place for various art lovers. For example, very often various art exhibitions, lectures and different workshops are held. The house is rich in a variety of antique furniture, these beautiful items make the Landhuis Bloemhof definitely a must-see when you are on the island.

    More Country houses

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